Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taman Negara - 22 - 24th June 2007

This trip was with the KPM students. We went along with the students and the director's family. The drive to Taman Negara was fun as the kids got to see many 'Orang Asli Villages with weird names. Needless to say that the trip was fun. The first day was spent at the chalet while the students pitched their tents. That night itself, we had the first activity which was the night walk. With only 2 torches, we walked through the jungle to see the night's creature(nocturnal animals) upclose, the jungle sounds and the glowing flower plant which was magnificient.The next day was a real test as we climbed Bukit Terisik. I was thankful because the students were there- Hazim n the 3 boys were very fast thet we couldn't keep up with them. They were the first 10 people who reached the summit while we were the last 10.The climb up the long canopy walk was also fun though I was quite worry because the boys had to walk and climb up alone. The excitement continued on the second day with the boat rides along the many rapids of Sungai Pahang. The boats fight as fun and we were all wet when we reached the place for a picnic and swim. The 2 families were then brought for a special treat to one of the orang asli's villages. We had the 'menyumpit' experience and see the shy orang asli. All in all the National Park trip was awesome!!!!!!