Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cuti cuti 2008

In 2008, we didn't do a lot of travelling because the holidays were filled with Hafiz's extra classes. The year end trip to Indonesia had to be postphoned due to the unstable condition there. We went to Kelantan & Terengganu instead.So this is the summary of the few places that we went last year.
Eye on Melaka

This is one of the night outings we had we the boys. We tried the mini eye on Melaka and later the boys tried a few games there.
Sungai Udang Tropical Fruit farm
MOZAC's family day 2008 was held here on 3rd of May 2008.There were many activities such as colouring competition for the kids,sukaneka for the families and the kids had the chance to see a few animals in the farm there.
Ulu Bendul
We went for a picnic here.There are so much changes since I last came during my school years.The boys had the chance to swim in the stream. Later we checked out the Taman Ular there. It was sad to learn that many of the snakes have died due to mismanagement esp the 2 anancondas.
Perigi Hang Tuah
Situated in Duyong, the boys had never been there, so one weekend when my parents came we took them around Melaka to see the well and also to Masjid Kg Hilir, one of the oldest mosques here
Puteri Resort
The weekend stay at Puteri Resort was to unwind although the place was just a few km from home. My husband was one of the presentors for a course there so the kids and I decided to stay in as well. The kids enjoyed the pool.
Menara Taming Sari
Again one of the night outings to try out the latest attraction in Melaka.
Port Dickson
We stayed at Hotel Sri Malaysia and the boys enjoyed the beach and of course the pool there plus the free Wifi service there. The boys had the chance to learn about Port Dickson and Lukut from the old pictures and information at the hotel lobby
Kelantan & Terengganu
Despite the monsoon and the flood, we risked the trip since all arrangements had been made. From Taiping, we took the eastwest highway passing Tasik Banding - the biggest man- made lake in Malaysia.The boys enjoyed the tourist attraction spots while the mom enjoyed the shopping!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Retreat

For weekend retreat last month we opted to bring the kids to Tiara Beach Resort...AGAIN??. This is probably our third time there. This time we rented a two- room apartment. After cooking nasi lemak and fried burgers and nuggets, we pushed off to PD....this time not stopping at my mom's place because my parents were in Bukit Tinggi with my younger sister.The boys went straight to the pool in the afternoon. At night we had some seafood and Thai food. The next morning, while the boys went swimming, i tried out a new attraction there - the fish spa.It was VERY ticklish at first but after a few minutes, it was quite fun and relaxing to see and feel the small fishes nibbled at my feet.It was a fun outing although the place was packed with people.On the way back to Air Keroh, we stopped at a friend's house in Alor Gajah for a durian treat. This year we have been very fortunate to have been given and invited to many durian treats...alhamdulillah. Oh yes, on the way back, we found a stall selling 'lempeng kelapa' and 'sambal' somewhere near Padang Kambing in Alor Gajah. 'Lempeng kelapa', 'sambal' and coffee are just heavenly because it has been quite some time since we last ate 'lempeng kelapa'. What a weekend and the next week after that was another durian treat, this time in Lendu.