Saturday, May 16, 2009

KPM Family Day

On 14th April 2009, my husband's college organised a family day at Tanjung Bidara. Since it's near my hometown and my husband was the coordinator, we had to leave early.It was drizzling all the way to Tanjung Bidara. Infact, it started to rain quite heavily while we were having breakfast.A plate of nasi lemak and hot steamy coffee by the sea just lulled you to sleep... how we wish we could crawl back under the sheets at the resort.The day began with Hazim won the first game. Being the eldest in the group, he outsmart the rest by getting the most sweets. While the smaller ones picking up the sweets one by one, he swept the sweets wa quite hilarious.The rain stopped and enabled us to do the Poco poco...darn I still don't quite get the steps yet.Hafiz and Angah lost the first game. Then Hanif & Hazim tried desperately to blow the balloon but didn't manage to pop it...Hanif's balloon just kept expanding. The boys were unstoppable after that. Angah won the musical chair... come to think about it,who could pushed him aside?Then my boys almost effortlessly won the pingpong ball in the spoon event.Hanif held the hoola the longest despite numerous failures at practice time.He also won the coloring contest for his age category.Unlike our boys,my hubby and I lost in the 2 events we took part. Then the boys had a blast transforming me into a mummy. After lunch was the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw...and what a day, our family won the first prize for the lucky draw. Then we headed to my mom's place for the weekend. It was a good weekend spent with loved ones