Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taman Negara - 22 - 24th June 2007

This trip was with the KPM students. We went along with the students and the director's family. The drive to Taman Negara was fun as the kids got to see many 'Orang Asli Villages with weird names. Needless to say that the trip was fun. The first day was spent at the chalet while the students pitched their tents. That night itself, we had the first activity which was the night walk. With only 2 torches, we walked through the jungle to see the night's creature(nocturnal animals) upclose, the jungle sounds and the glowing flower plant which was magnificient.The next day was a real test as we climbed Bukit Terisik. I was thankful because the students were there- Hazim n the 3 boys were very fast thet we couldn't keep up with them. They were the first 10 people who reached the summit while we were the last 10.The climb up the long canopy walk was also fun though I was quite worry because the boys had to walk and climb up alone. The excitement continued on the second day with the boat rides along the many rapids of Sungai Pahang. The boats fight as fun and we were all wet when we reached the place for a picnic and swim. The 2 families were then brought for a special treat to one of the orang asli's villages. We had the 'menyumpit' experience and see the shy orang asli. All in all the National Park trip was awesome!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day at Holiday Inn

For Mother's Day this year, dear hubby and the boys treated me lunch at a brand new hotel in town at Banda Hilir - the Holiday Inn. Despite the early booking, the place was packed with people. We had lunch outside at the terrace enjoying the view of the Straits of Melaka and the nice breeze. Food was nice and the kids enjoyed the spread of dessert there. After that we checked out the pier/jetty there. Later, we went to Dataran Pahlawan to buy gifts for teacher's day.

Bidara Puteri Beach Resort, Pantai Puteri

We decided to spend a night by the beach and not wanting to wonder too far we chose Bidara Puteri Beach Resort at Pantai Puteri Tanjung Kling to relax & recuperate after some busy weeks.The day was spent relaxing on the beach enjoying the view and the breeze.Of course the boys had to try out the pool. Hazim is becoming more bolder in water. He managed to get a few strokes but can't really swim yet. Hafiz, Angah & Hanif used the opportunity to polish their swimming skills.Due to lack of practice, Hafiz & Angah couldn't even finish a lap.

KPM Family Day

On 14th April 2009, my husband's college organised a family day at Tanjung Bidara. Since it's near my hometown and my husband was the coordinator, we had to leave early.It was drizzling all the way to Tanjung Bidara. Infact, it started to rain quite heavily while we were having breakfast.A plate of nasi lemak and hot steamy coffee by the sea just lulled you to sleep... how we wish we could crawl back under the sheets at the resort.The day began with Hazim won the first game. Being the eldest in the group, he outsmart the rest by getting the most sweets. While the smaller ones picking up the sweets one by one, he swept the sweets wa quite hilarious.The rain stopped and enabled us to do the Poco poco...darn I still don't quite get the steps yet.Hafiz and Angah lost the first game. Then Hanif & Hazim tried desperately to blow the balloon but didn't manage to pop it...Hanif's balloon just kept expanding. The boys were unstoppable after that. Angah won the musical chair... come to think about it,who could pushed him aside?Then my boys almost effortlessly won the pingpong ball in the spoon event.Hanif held the hoola the longest despite numerous failures at practice time.He also won the coloring contest for his age category.Unlike our boys,my hubby and I lost in the 2 events we took part. Then the boys had a blast transforming me into a mummy. After lunch was the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw...and what a day, our family won the first prize for the lucky draw. Then we headed to my mom's place for the weekend. It was a good weekend spent with loved ones

Karnival Pendidikan

Can't really remember when exactly it was held but probably sometime in April. Since it's so near, we brought the kids to the karnival....probably missed the colouring contest...I was so tired after French week that I lost track of a lot of I remember, it was exactly a week after we hosted the Fench Week.
The kids had fun tying out things at the Astronout booth. It was a nice weekend spent with family members... as i was so occupied with the French Week 2 months before that

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kem Lambaian Danau

Some time at the end February, we sent our two elder boys to join a leadership & survival camp organised by KPM. It was held at Kem Lambaian Danau, Jasin on 27 February 2009. They spent 2 days and a night there. Hafiz and Angah joined the group for an obstacle run where there had to do many adventurous activities. The last one that really tested them was the 'cooperation raft' activity where they had to row their 'human raft' together across the lake. There was no rope but only their legs to connect the 'raft' together. They had to paddle using only their hands. It was tiring but I think they had fun. Our two smaller ones followed using a boat on the last day and of course they all had to take a dip in the lake after the activity was over.

Symphony Concerto

After practising for over 3 months since the December holiday, the boys and girls performed the concert at Panggung Seri Taman Budaya on 21 March 2009. The concert started at 7.30. I think all the Malay parents missed the first two performances as it was Maghrib time. Luckily, we didn't miss any of Hanif's performances. After the piano duet, he sang in the choir - Mongolian song - Ji Xiang san Bao. It was so dark that no pictures could be taken. I think the lighting was really bad the entire concert. The pianists were made not to face the audience...what a bummer!!!.The other two choir songs sung by Hanif and the group were I Will Follow Him and the finale song Sha la la la.It was a good chance for him to be able to perform, hopefully, it does him good. Bravo Hanif.