Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Gathering - TNB Resort PD

This Chinese New Year Break we went to PD again but this time it was for a family gathering of my husband's side. Yong and Kak Nyah planned this last year and since it was a long break, everybody decided to have it in PD. So 4 families drove down from the North this time to meet us down south. Nini who's on holiday joined us with her husband since she had to fly back to UAE on Monday. It was indeed a fun time gathering with family members. There were around 40 of us and one could imagine the noise! The moms took care of the food while the dads looked after the kids. The teenage boys and girls did their own stuff like fishing n camping on the beach while the younger ones enjoyed their time at the swimming pool n game room. The first night, there was a karaoke session. The next day was spent on the beach swimming, riding jet ski n banana boat - all expenses paid by Nini. The last night, we exchanged gifts and we bid goodbyes the day after. Overall, it was a fun weekend for the kids to enjoy their time together with their cousins.