Thursday, December 18, 2008

Terengganu: 4 & 5th December 2008

On the second day, we visited Islamic Edutainment Park ( Taman Tamadun Islam) where the famous crystal mosque is located. The architechture is superb and we had the opportunity to talk to a few students who were attending a tahfiz course ( a course conducted during the school holidays for students ) I think it is a very good programme and I think this should be followed by other mosques at other states as well. Then we visited the park where there are 21 replicas of famous islamic landmarks from all around the world are situated. We also had the chance to board the unique town bus of Terengganu. The best part was the service is free!Then we visited our relatives and the next day was the long journey back to Melaka. We had been blessed with good weather despite the monsoon season and the flood. We were lucky not to 'stumble' upon any bad weather or even flood despite passing through some of the badly affected places like Kampong Tok Jiring. A short stop at Kemaman to buy 'kerepok lekor ' and the chance to eat 'Sata' was also an unforgetable memory to cherish. We arrived at Melaka around 10 pm and we thank god for the save journey.